Piano Tuition In Brighton


Why learn the piano?

The piano is a member of the percussion family. It is a great instrument to learn because of its versatility. We can play full harmonies on the piano, which is not possible on many other instruments.

The First Piano Lesson

Our first lesson together is free of charge. I believe that it is important for you to have an obligation-free trial to see if you enjoy the process of learning the piano with me.

My first lesson with beginners is a great opportunity to explore the piano’s capabilities – how loud or and soft it can sound, how the sound is produced, and how different touching techniques can create different sound effects.  I introduce the musical alphabet, and work on establishing good posture and hand position.

After our first lesson, I will decide on a suitable piano exercise book for us to use, and so the journey begins!

Brighton Keyboard

What is the best age to start piano lessons?

You are never too old to start taking piano or flute lessons. I welcome pupils of all ages, and though the consensus is it’s best to start young, I often find that the adult beginners I teach progress with speed, thanks to their eagerness and maturity.

Most children tend to start learning piano from the age of about seven or eight, although some do start younger. Five or six is a suitable age for some children, especially if they are showing advanced ability in their reading.

Learn How To Adore The Piano!